Daily Insights

A Royal Loyalty Program

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 09, 2021

Burger King is betting big on its customers with a new royalty—er, loyalty—program just one week after McDonald’s announced its own rewards program expansion.

The program, dubbed, “Royal Perks“, plays off of the burger brand’s mascot, the Burger King, once known as Kurger Bing and became available in test cities Los Angeles, Long Island, Miami, New Jersey, and New York City today. Customers will earn ten “crowns” for every dollar spent, which can then be used to get free items on the Burger King menu. The retro-looking new platform also allows for free daily perks, free delivery via points, and double rewards during a user’s birthday month.

Burger King has experienced ups and downs during its respective reign as one of the fast food greats. Indeed, the brand bounced between Average and Gifted categories several times over the past few years according to Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants. That said, its new loyalty program comes at a good time, as customers are looking for ways to save money more than ever. In fact, promotions of deals and discounts catapulted from 15% adoption to 47% in the restaurant industry. Loyalty programs also focused on financial benefits as quick-service mavens like McDonald’s sought to capture loyalty from increasingly price-conscious customers. This in mind, it makes sense that Burger King would want to spend time “testing, learning and solving this year.” Time will tell if the restaurant’s new loyalty program is better late than never, but until then, it doesn’t hurt that the interface boasts a groovy color scheme and comic-book like icons that may appeal to the nostalgia-craving consuemrs of modern day.