Daily Insights

A Serving of Support

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 28, 2020

DoorDash’s new campaign supports independent restaurants that have faced significant economic hurdles during the Coronavirus pandemic. The delivery brand’s “Without Restaurants” campaign asks customers to imagine what life would be like without the eateries they know and love in a bid to bring attention and support to struggling small businesses. 

The Without Restaurants campaign reminds viewers of all the ways in which restaurants help them celebrate life’s moments, from baby showers to graduation dinners. With customers remaining uneasy about returning to restaurants, DoorDash’s campaign serves to remind them that they can still support the places they once loved by ordering take out and delivery. Recent data from the courier brand found that as many as 75% of independent restaurants may not reopen following the pandemic, so providing economic support could be crucial. By promoting small restaurants available on its mobile app, DoorDash could also work to sustain the growth and increased retention rates it gained following a surge in usage during the pandemic, according to a Gartner report. 

To raise awareness for the campaign, DoorDash created a social media challenge using the hashtag #GotMyStartChallenge on Twitter. The brand recruited a number of celebrities, including comedian George Lopez, to share how restaurants helped them before they got their big break. The brand is also asking customers to use the hashtag and share their own stories of how restaurants helped shape their livelihoods. Additionally, DoorDash is using Instagram to post lighthearted examples of how life without restaurants would be different, such as “without restaurants, drawing on tables would be vandalism”. The brand also released a 30-second video ad in collaboration with the National Restaurant Association thanking consumers for helping eateries during the pandemic. The partnership is using the hashtag #OpenForDelivery on Twitter to further promote the initiative. 

Holding a social media campaign in support of locally owned restaurants allows DoorDash to digitally reach consumers across the country, and set itself apart from other courier services like Grubhub, which took a different approach by increasing restaurant fees during the Coronavirus pandemic. As pressures mount, raising awareness for struggling restaurants allows DoorDash to bring much-needed relief to American restaurants and unite its audience in lending a hand to establishments in need.