Daily Insights

A Sip of Social Distancing

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 07, 2020

Coca-Cola has launched a new pandemic-centric advertisement called “The Great Meal”. The short video ad focuses on 13 families around the world, coming together to share a bottle of Coca-Cola and a meal. The ad encourages families to continue dining at home together during the pandemic, as many restaurants remain closed and cases continue to rise globally. “The Great Meal” spotlights the universal joy that can still be had by families coming together to cook favorite dishes outside or from a safe distance. While Coca-Cola’s new ad follows its familiar theme of sharing a fizzy drink with friends and families, the social-distancing focus highlights the brand’s effort to reach consumers through their new “normal”.

Coca-Cola’s return to global marketing arrives at a time when many brands are contemplating reverting to traditional advertising initiatives. The beverage brand is running its new ad online and on TV in several countries across Asia, Europe, and North America, following the shift from out-of-home and billboard advertising to digital and streaming marketing during the pandemic. Notably, “The Great Meal” was released amidst a growing advertising boycott on Facebook, of which nearly 300 brands are a part of. Though Coca-Cola is not officially a part of the strike, it still decided to pause social marketing until the end of the year, meaning “The Great Meal” will not be featured on any of its social channels before then. Still, by marketing on outlets other than social media, Coca-Cola could reach new audiences and ensure its overall advertising profile is well-balanced, according to a Gartner report. The brand’s ad is its second to be released during the pandemic, following the “To The Human Race” tribute to Coronavirus frontline workers for International Workers Day last May. 

By creating a timely ad that fuses drinking soda with consumer’s “new normal”, Coca-Cola’s message to safely spend time with loved ones could resonate with social distancers around the world.