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A Spice of Pie

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 09, 2020

Though Starbucks could be credited with making pumpkin spice the go-to flavor of fall, brands including Spam and Chobani have also taken it out for a taste-test. MoonPie is now hopping on the trend, too as it spices up its classic sweet treat. 

In the 103 years since MoonPie was invented, it has seldom switched up its classic graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow flavorings. However, as the autumn season approaches and pumpkin spice fever reaches a boiling point, MoonPie is embracing a new gourd-esque guise. The confectionery company released “MoonPie Pumpkin Spice”, which includes a special pumpkin spice coating to incorporate the flavor into each bite. The dessert sandwiches are available in miniature size and can be found on MoonPie’s website as well as in grocery stores across the U.S. MoonPie made the sandwiches limited-edition, so fans only have until the end of the season to get their hands on a new pumpkin spice pie.  

Putting a flavorful twist on a classic food snack could appeal to customers young and old. Pumpkin spice’s reign as the flavor of the season could also encourage customers to give the new MoonPie a taste. While MoonPie holds off on social media promotions until the fall season is officially underway, fans have eagerly shared the new sweet treat across platforms, including on YouTube where especially loyal customers have posted flavor reviews. Gaining organic online traction allows MoonPie to strengthen consumer loyalty without launching a large-scale marketing campaign, according to a Gartner report. Customer hype around its newest product could further help the confectionary company tap into its target market without having to invest in its digital presence. 

By keeping advertising to a minimum, MoonPie could stay true to its long-established image while still modernizing its flavors to keep up with seasonal consumer preferences.