Daily Insights

A Splash of Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Apr 03, 2019

Molson Coors wants to get nearer and dearer to its consumers. The beer brand is the latest label to launch a direct-to-consumer service, shipping beer straight to customers’ homes via two e-commerce platforms—one for Blue Moon and one for Miller Lite. Here’s how the move could make a splash for Molson Coors and mark a new beginning for the beer industry overall.

Because restrictions around alcohol still apply, Molson Coors’ new platforms will have to work with third-party marketplaces Drizly and Minibar to make the deliveries. But the new tactic is about more than just delivery. It’s about data.

Despite the growing trend for transparency taking over just about every industry, alcohol has not experienced the same boom. By adding a splash of digital to its marketing cocktail, Molson Coors can get a taste of browser behavior.  In the past, “a lot of alcohol advertising has been out of home, on television“—popular tactics also used by big name beverages like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer & Beverages—meaning Molson Coors’ look into the beer buyers mind will be one of the first.

The past lack of transparency is reflected in the brands Molson Coors is promoting in its new platforms. Miller Lite, for example, only provides calorie counts for its products online and fails to invest in any SEM, making it a prime pick for opening up to customers wanting to learn more about what they’re drinking. Blue Moon could benefit from a bit more visibility too, as it performs poorly on desktop unbranded and branded search and neglects to invest in text or shopping ads.

Beer brands (and beyond) are realizing that consumers aren’t who they used to be. Per capita beer consumption has fallen by nearly ten liters since 2000. Beer brands should begin brewing up their own data-driven digital assets to understand what the new consumer wants and keep from evaporating into irrelevance.