Daily Insights

A Taste of the Future

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 29, 2021

The battle between Pepsi and Coca-Cola bubbles on as the latter takes a shot at soda-coffee in a campaign that’s as buzzworthy as the product it promotes.

From January 26-27, Coca-Cola delivered boxes of its new Coca-Cola with Coffee product to single-family households in, fittingly, Coffee County, Georgia via drone. The company teamed up with Walmart, DroneUp, and Ibotta to carry out the beverage cases, which include a regular and no-sugar option. Additionally, beginning on January 25, customers could receive a free can of Coke with Coffee using the Ibotta app at Walmart stores across the country. In total, there are three buzzy flavors of the new beverage: Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel.

Ever since tech titan Amazon began testing drone delivery of packages back in 2013, fascination with drones has escalated. As such, they’ve become synonymous with a vision of the future – flying cars, holograms, and drones – just like the Jetsons. it makes sense that a company as established as Coca-Cola would tap into drones as a marketing vehicle (both physically and metaphorically) for what might be one of its most attention-getting products. That said, Coca-Cola isn’t the only brand betting on drones, or on soda-coffee, for that matter. Competitor Pepsi touts its own version of the hybrid drink while snack brand Kind offered drone delivery as part of a stunt campaign that included not only drones, but hot air balloons and trained birds.

While headline-making aspects like drones can prove both successful and practical for many brands, it’s Coca-Cola’s collaboration with Ibotta that may end up giving consumers what they really want: a deal. As the number one brand in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Food & Beverages, Coca-Cola may be stepping up its discount offering as a reflection of what’s happening in the restaurant industry, which catapulted promotions of deals and discounts by 32% to get in line with difficult financial times for many consumers.