Daily Insights

Active Slumbers

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 07, 2021

The rise of comfort clothing continues with activewear brand Athleta’s new sleepwear lineup. Athleta alters its product lineup to include a new collection of sleepwear designed around the theme “comfort for recovery”. The line will roll out with 14 pieces, with new additions to be added each season. The product lineup is a natural extension of its athleisure apparel and allows the brand to appeal to female consumers “throughout their entire day”. The line will also follow alongside Athleta’s years-long female empowerment push, which encourages consumers to embrace active, healthy, and confident lifestyles via their clothing choices. With many of the brand’s previous promotions stressing the importance of rest and recovery after a workout, its sleepwear line could resonate with a lined-up following. The timing of the launch could also help Athleta boost sleepwear sales, as many consumers remain homebound and demand for comfort clothing continues, according to a Gartner report.  

Athleta released its sleepwear collection in the midst of the holiday shopping season, when sales for sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sleepwear were predicted to rise by 31%. The timing of the launch could allow Athleta to boost sales into the new year and retain engagement from comfort-craving consumers. The addition of a sleepwear line also helps Athleta strengthen its image as a lifestyle brand, a title many companies and consumers have been leaning into during the pandemic. Athleta’s product pivot follows the launch of an apparel line by Allbirds and the purchase of workout tech company Mirror by Lululemon, two of the brand’s top competitors. By layering up its own product offerings, Athelta could appeal to shifting consumer preferences and cultivate a loyal audience both online and in-store. 

As consumers continue leaning into e-commerce, Athleta’s sleepwear line could help them embrace comfort clothing from their homes. The additional apparel also provides an opportunity to shift the apparel brand from activewear to lifestyle, which could in turn extend its appeal to consumers of all categories.