Daily Insights

Advise, Understand, and Play

By: Kyle Rees | Sep 20, 2019

Guided selling tools and content offer buyers ways to envision how a brand’s product could address needs prior to making a final purchase.

Gartner organizes this content into seven types of Content Form Factors. Only 43% of brands provide advising content and just 31% of brands provide connecting content according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. This content illustrates the problem or challenge that the product or solution solves, like the impact that noisy dental drills have on hygienist and patient health, or factors that electrical engineers need to know while having budget conversations with someone on their project management or finance team.

Given their utility, it’s surprising to see that these aren’t as prevalent across B2B brand sites. The same sentiment applies for matters like calculators or recommenders, which help answer critical and potentially deal-breaking questions (e.g., “how much is this equipment going to cost?” or “what does my business actually need?”).

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