Daily Insights

Allbirds’ New Direction

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 26, 2020

Allbirds kicks off a new sustainable initiative as it expands beyond footwear and into apparel. 

The sustainable start-up’s portfolio now includes clothing with a line of t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and puffer jackets. The collection includes both men’s and women’s pieces in “earthy colors” like cream, pine green, and navy, and ranges in price from $48-$250. The clothing was made to have a low-carbon impact and includes recycled materials like wool and tencel. The t-shirts in particular will have a uniquely sustainable style, as they are made from discarded crab shells. It marks the first time Allbirds has used crab shells for its products, although it has spent the past few years trialing the material. Though it’s an atypical fabric, the discarded crab shells are on trend for Allbirds, which often turns to unique materials, like eucalyptus fiber which it uses for its popular Tree Runner shoes.  

By launching a clothing line, Allbirds could build awareness about the future of sustainable retail and potentially inspire other brands to test and invest in eco-friendly products, according to a Gartner report. Its foray into fashion could also help Allbirds captivate a modern market of consumers and set a new standard for sustainable clothing. The apparel line launches at a time when consumer demand for brand sustainability is at an all time high. Additionally, consumer preferences for eco-friendly goods and services continues to climb, which could make the clothing line prime for engagement. By communicating its sustainable efforts through digital marketing—including on its website and social channels—Allbirds could build trust and loyalty among e-commerce consumers, which may spur digital sales as more consumers continue to shop from home. Launching its first clothing collection at the onset of the holiday shopping season could also provide an additional sales boost to Allbirds and help it build brand awareness. 

Allbirds has built its brand on the basis of sustainability and its newest initiative could help it double down on that eco-friendly image. By launching a clothing line, Allbirds could perk up its presence in the retail sector and further grow its audience of eco-conscious consumers.