Daily Insights

Allure-ing Activations

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 27, 2020

Allure magazine’s November issue brings beauty products to life using holographic activations. 

Allure partnered with augmented reality brand Perfect Corp to turn its beauty ads into virtual try-ons. The magazine issue, which hit newsstands October 20, features ads that come to life when a QR code is scanned via smartphone. After scanning the code, users can download Perfect’s YouCam Makeup app, which then activates the try-on capabilities. Users can try on several products featured in the magazine using their selfie cam, including mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick overlayed on their own face. The initiative could give users a more realistic view of each beauty product, which could make them more willing to purchase it online rather than in-store. Products featured in Editor-In-Chief Michelle Lee’s “Michelle’s Most Wanted” section as well as from the cover look will be available for the try-on, with brand names and prices listed next to each product. 

Allure’s AR initiative could give consumers a look at what beauty products to try and buy as the holiday shopping season kicks off. Merging print and virtual shopping could help Allure captivate a new audience of beauty buyers, particularly as consumers spend more time shopping online during the Coronavirus pandemic. With in-person shopping slow to return to normal and the beauty industry facing ongoing disruptions, leveraging AR capabilities could help Allure spotlight its beauty offerings and engage consumers in spaces where they spend much of their time. Offering a digital push within its pages could also help Allure stand out from magazine competitors, including those that have gone fully virtual. Allure’s newest issue follows in the footsteps of National Geographic, which featured a futuristic issue of its own last April. Fusing virtual features with print allow brands like Allure and National Geographic to extend reader’s engagement rates and adapt to changing consumer preferences, according to a Gartner report

Working with Perfect Corp allows Allure to showcase beauty products in a new light. With holiday shopping ramping up, the publisher’s newest venture could spur an increase in makeup sales and ring in a new era of beauty trying and buying.