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Amazon Alters the Apparel Industry

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 16, 2020

Amazon Fashion launches an AI-activated custom apparel portal that allows consumers to try on t-shirts fitted just for them. The new feature could help Amazon solidify its presence as a fashion retailer and flex its virtual technology capabilities. 

The “Made For You” t-shirt portal asks consumers for their height, weight, and body style alongside two images of themselves to help Amazon find the most appropriate shirt size. Consumers can then choose from two types of fabric, eight different colors, and the fit, sleeve length, and neckline they would like. The shirt shop will be available for U.S. consumers only, with each custom shirt priced at $25. The affordable, yet on-demand garment merchandising could help consumers shop from home during the Coronavirus pandemic while meeting their demand for customized clothes. 

Made For You could also help Amazon set the stage for future on-demand features while setting itself apart from retail competitors. Many fashion brands—both retail and luxury—are often plagued by widespread returns from consumers who cannot find the right fit for an item. This has caused a mass amount of clothing waste, which drives up costs for the retail industry and the environment, according to a Gartner report. By only making t-shirts when they are ordered, Amazon could help counteract this problem and potentially inspire competitors to follow its on-demand model. As Amazon rakes in $30 billion in apparel sales each year, bringing customization to the masses could help the tech titan sustain those sales and extend its dominance in the online retail space. If the AI-designed technology succeeds in the U.S., Amazon could bring Made For You to consumers around the world, allowing it to become one of the first brands to operate an on-demand model on a global scale. 

Amazon released Made For You during a rise in online retail purchases, particularly as the holiday shopping season sees consumers pursuing e-commerce over brick and mortar stores. With the online marketplace seeing a significant rise in clothing and accessory sales since the Coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year, it could appeal to a larger audience of loyal apparel shoppers. The customized t-shirt initiative arrives shortly after the launch of Amazon’s Luxury Stores, where Prime members can purchase couture items with two-day shipping. The addition of another exclusive shopping experience shows how Amazon is leaning into innovative disruptions throughout the fashion industry. 

Amazon is known as the marketplace for everything, and with its newest feature, consumers can literally find items made just for them. By releasing virtual fashion technology for the masses, Amazon could drive more consumers to its site and make available a customized option once thought only appealing to consumers paying top dollar. 

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