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Amazon Goes Grocery Shopping

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 28, 2020

Amazon Go Grocery has opened its first cashier-less grocery store in Seattle. 

The futuristic checkout-free store will include a complete selection of traditional groceries—with 5,000 products available—compared to regular Amazon Go stores which stock 500-700 items. The store will include fresh produce sections, baked goods, a self-serving Starbucks station, and selections of locally brewed and made products. Amazon is using an assortment of brand name and private labels to stock the shelves, with many items coming from the same suppliers of Amazon Fresh goods. Unlike a traditional grocery store, shoppers are encouraged to “bag while they shop” at Go Grocery, rather than bagging groceries at checkout. 

Having a cashier-less store is a head-scratcher to some, but Amazon has made the checkout process pretty simple. Customers can download the Go app on their smartphone, and when exiting the store through the white kiosks, will receive a receipt for their purchases on the app (though paying with cash is also an option). To track items as they are purchased, Amazon relies on computer-vision cameras and shelf sensors. This process makes it easy for customers to shop and leave quickly. Traditional grocers have also been working to boost such convenience, but have often chosen to partner with Instacart rather than make technological changes to their physical stores, according to a Gartner report.  

Seattle’s Amazon Go Grocery store is the tech giant’s latest initiative to disrupt the current market, and with a plethora of product options and the cashier-less convenience, the store could be the start of a new trend in the grocery industry.