Daily Insights

An A-peel-ing Whopper

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 27, 2020

Burger King is taking social distancing to the next level with its latest campaign. 

The restaurant brand took an unconventional approach to social distancing as its newest ad encourages customers to load their burgers with onions so others will not only have to stay away, but want to. Burger King is running the onion-loaded campaign in Italy, calling the burger the “Social Distancing Whopper”. The brand is launching the campaign at the same time as lockdown restrictions begin to lift in the country, serving, perhaps, as a reminder to customers to continue social distancing while out in public. Italian customers can go to Burger King’s locations and request the Social Distancing Burger, which comes stacked with three times the regular amount of onions. Customers in other countries, however, will have to specially request their Whoppers be packed with an extra onion punch if they want to give the new version a try. 

To promote the Social Distancing Whopper, Burger King created a 20-second commercial demonstrating the pungent power of raw onions. The lighthearted spot portrays a man and a woman waiting for an elevator, but after a whiff of the man’s breath, she opts to take the stairs instead. The commercial is running on Italian television and Burger King Italy’s YouTube and social media channels. Promoting the new Whopper digitally could help Burger King increase sales and engagement with its audience according to a Gartner report. Raising sales is of particular importance at the moment as Burger King and other restaurant brands look to recover from the financial damage caused by Coronavirus closures. 

While Burger King’s onion overdose may not be the most appetizing take on social distancing, the updated Whopper and its lighthearted campaign could fit the era of social separation and the challenges that come with it.