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An Augmented State of Advertising

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Mar 13, 2019

Advertising is getting a new look. Cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown has been trying out an augmented reality-enhanced Facebook ad, which includes a call-to-action for viewers to tap awake their front camera and test out six different lip shades. If the tester sees a lippie they like, they can click a “shop now” button to purchase it directly from the beauty brand’s site.

Here’s what makes Bobbi Brown’s new initiative so important to the rapidly evolving digital advertising atmosphere.

Beauty brands were among the first movers to experiment with AR, so it’s not surprising that Bobbi Brown would give the strategy a go. Other brands including NARS and Smashbox have added AR tools to their websites in the past, seeing varying success, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty. L’Oréal even went as far as acquiring Modiface—the AR tech partner of choice for beauty brands—last year.  But taking the technique to digital advertising, especially onto a social platform like Facebook, might be a signal that it’s more than just fun and games.

With 45% of US beauty customers using their mobile devices to scope out beauty products, Bobbi Brown’s initiative makes sense. It auto-fills the natural next step in the path to purchase post-research on a beauty item: trying it on.

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