Daily Insights

Animated Apparel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 05, 2020

Snapchat’s Bitmoji, the animated characters that users design to look like themselves, can take an activewear shopping spree through a new partnership with Air Jordan. The Nike label released its first virtual fashion collection on Snapchat called Jordan x Bitmoji which includes shirts, pants, jackets, and sneakers. Within the collection, Air Jordan also released a sneak peek at its newest sneaker, the Air Jordan XXXV, which goes on sale in October. Though Nike typically promotes new items on Instagram and YouTube according to a Gartner report, a Bitmoji-style preview could help it build a new social media following. To try on the latest Air Jordan fashions, Snapchat users can go to their Bitmoji profile on the app and scroll through the digital collection.  

By teaming up with Air Jordan, Snapchat delivers an additional opportunity for users to virtually express their personal styles and engage in the app’s features. For Nike and Air Jordan, the debut of Jordan x Bitmoji allows them to extend their reach and boost engagement with younger consumers. Air Jordan’s digital clothing line is similar to Snapchat’s partnership with Ralph Lauren this summer, where users could dress their Bitmojis in designer styles. Snapchat has traditionally partnered with luxury brands and retailers for filters, but as it grows its e-commerce abilities through Bitmoji, more brands may begin to animate their apparel. Continuous updates of its fashion features could help Snapchat encourage repeat visits as well as extend the amount of time users spend on the app as they search, style, or purchase apparel. 

The promotion of its new collection through Snapchat’s Bitmoji could help Air Jordan reach young shoppers right before the start of the holiday season while continuing to boost its digital presence. Additionally, working with Air Jordan allows Snapchat to further expand its brand portfolio, which in turn could help it grow interactions with loyal consumers.