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Apple Shapes Up Its Streaming Services

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 22, 2020

Apple’s recent product event unveiled a host of new goods and features, including a new Apple Watch and a corresponding exercise model. 

Fitness+ is Apple’s newest feature that lets consumers stream workouts while recording their health metrics through their Apple Watch. Users can view workouts on their iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV and track their metrics and exercise rings on the screen in real time. Subscriptions for the service start at $9.99 per month and include 10 types of workouts to choose from. Users can partake in HIIT, cycling, dance, rowing, and yoga classes, with Apple even suggesting trainers and workouts based on one’s Apple Watch exercise trends. New classes will be added weekly, with fitness novices or new Apple Watch owners able to join the Fitness+ “Absolute Beginner” program to ease into the workouts. The fitness service also works with Apple Music, whereFitness+ trainers can curate their own playlists for users to listen to during workouts. 

Fitness+ allows Apple to reinforce its luxury brand image while testing the waters of a new industry, according to a Gartner report. The platform, and particularly its cycling classes, could put Apple head-to-head against Peloton, which has made a name for itself in the digital workout arena. With searches for “indoor workout” continuing to rise during the Coronavirus pandemic, Apple’s new digital fitness platform could appeal to those wanting to explore a variety of fitness options. Additionally, nine in ten Americans exercising from home during the pandemic plan to continue doing so even after gyms have officially reopened. As such, Apple’s new fitness subscription could appeal to a wide array of at-home exercise buffs. Fitness+ launches later this year, and to incentivize its exercises, Apple will offer a one month free trial to current Apple Watch owners and a three-month trial to those that purchase a new watch.

As home exercise goes from pandemic trend to lifestyle mainstay, Fitness+ could become the go-to service for fitness fanatics. With the launch of its digital workout classes, Apple can take a bite out of a new industry and connect with a modern market of health-conscious consumers.