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Apple’s Music Mix

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 29, 2020

Apple merges music listening with video watching through its latest initiative, Apple Music TV

Apple Music TV is the tech titan’s new 24-hour station dedicated to playing everything music-related. The service is currently available only to U.S. consumers, where it can be accessed through the Apple Music app or Apple TV app. Apple Music TV viewers can tune into the channel to watch popular music videos, live shows, fan events, video premieres, and chart countdowns. By launching a channel devoted to music videos and content, Apple could further its presence both in music and video streaming, allowing it to go head to head against leaders like Spotify and Hulu. The service could also help Apple level itself with YouTube, which has long dominated the music video streaming space according to a Gartner report, as well as MTV, which was a trail-blazer in bringing music videos to television. 

For its initial launch, Apple did not produce any new, exclusive content, but rather promoted videos and interviews from its radio stations, including Apple Music 1, Apple Music Country, and Apple Music Hits. To kick off the channel, the brand also ran a countdown of the 100 most streamed songs on Apple Music, which could attract loyal listeners as well as new streamers interested in getting a peek at what types of music could be played. As the Coronavirus pandemic shifts music consumption patterns, Apple Music TV could appeal to a diverse audience of entertainment-seeking consumers. The service could attract homebound consumers in particular, as their video streaming usage continues to increase during the pandemic, giving Apple an opportunity to boost engagement and brand loyalty. By highlighting music videos and artists of all genres, Apple could unite its different audiences and turn casual streamers into devoted viewers. 

Apple Music TV could help the brand connect with streamers through their various interests and music tastes. Additionally, by creating a dedicated music video channel, Apple could further captivate its loyal audience and advance its presence in the entertainment industry.