Daily Insights

At-Home Brew Bash

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 16, 2020

What began as a German folk festival is now a worldwide fall celebration. However, large-scale Oktoberfest festivities are on pause this year, so Sam Adams and Auntie Anne’s are teaming up to promote socially distanced celebrations with limited-edition DIY Oktoberfest kits

As the festival typically begins in late September, Sam Adams is already selling the kits to help customers prepare for their homebound jubilee. Fans can purchase an Oktoberfest kit online for $89, which includes a six-pack of Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer, an Auntie Anne’s pretzel kit, 4 party hats, a pack of lederhosen-style beer koozies, lederhosen suspenders, and two glass beer steins. For those that want to go a step further and prepare a whole feast for their festival, the kit also includes a recipe book filled with classic Bavarian-style dishes. 

To spread the word about at-home Oktoberfest, Sam Adams took to Twitter and Instagram to debut its first Oktoberfest commercial featuring its “Your Cousin From Boston”, a thickly-accented mascot drinking the limited-edition Oktoberfest beer and inviting viewers to get a taste. Sam Adams also launched a follow-up commercial for Twitter and YouTube which shows its mascot sipping on beer and strutting around in lederhosens as polka music blasts in the background. The lighthearted and comical commercials could boost Sam Adam’s engagement rates and potentially grow its social media following, according to a Gartner report.  They could also inspire customers to not only order an Oktoberfest kit, but make the most of an at-home celebration. With many holidays and festivals hit by the pandemic this year, Sam Adams could give consumers a reason to purchase its beer and fête from home. 

Oktoberfest may be getting a new look and location this year, but fans can still celebrate with the classic food and drinks. By promoting the merry festival, Sam Adams and Auntie Anne’s could lift consumer spirts amid a less than celebratory year.