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Athleta Applauds Women

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 09, 2020

Athleta celebrates election season with an homage to women championing political movements around the country. The activewear brand’s new “Women Run” campaign focuses on women who oversee political races, essential jobs, and other important roles in today’s society. 

As displayed in Athleta’s first empowering campaign commercial, “women run the vote” and “women run the future”.  These themes prevail throughout Athleta’s new campaign, which includes in-store, digital, and social media marketing. The campaign is an extension of the activewear retailer’s “Power Of She” campaign, which began last year and focuses on helping young girls build confidence. Athleta merges the initiatives on Instagram, where it will work with a series of Influencers and use the hashtag #PowerOfShe to raise awareness. Athleta released its first Women Run social media commercial on Instagram, where clips featuring strong women athletes, astronauts, and politicians are juxtaposed with images of young girls that look up to them. The inspiring ad could resonate with female consumers of all ages and boost brand equity and recall, according to a Gartner report on the topic. In addition to its commercials and influencer partnerships, Athleta released a Story filter on Instagram which allows users to take selfies with the words “Women Run” framed above.  

Athleta’s Women Run campaign runs through December and could specifically target holiday shoppers. In addition to social and digital media, Athleta will display uplifting quotes and images throughout its brick and mortar stores. By adding in-store motivation, Athleta could drive sales with consumers feeling inspired by the campaign while shopping. However, the majority of Athleta’s campaign will still be run online, which could help it tap into the growing number of consumers focusing on online shopping for the holiday season. By doing so, Athleta could grow a loyal, digital customer base and help its commercials have a wider reach. Launching the campaign on Election Day and running it through the holiday season could also help Athelta appeal to consumers demanding political activism initiatives from brands as well as forward-looking messaging to wrap up a bleak year. As Athleta’s winter collection focuses on “athleisure” and workout gear, the retailer could further appeal to a mass audience of consumers, as their demand for comfortable apparel while home during the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rise

Athleta’s Women Run campaign launched right after the 2020 Election, which could help the brand connect with socially conscious consumers looking for a positive take on a combative political season. By tying its products to an inspiring female-focused message, Athleta could stand out amongst activewear retailers and increase engagement with women around the country.