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B2B Manufacturing: SEO Warning Signs

By: Honor Flannery | Jun 27, 2019

The importance of websites for B2B manufacturing brands is hard to argue, but we’d be remiss to talk about a brand’s site without also addressing SEO and SEM strategies. After all, what good is a brand site if you can’t manage to find it on the web? Gartner L2’s report on the topic highlights ways B2B brands can improve their search result visibility and increase the odds of buyers discovering their site and relevant product solutions.

Brands might not have absolute control over how they appear in search results (far from absolute control, actually), yet there are certain technical adjustments brands can make on the backend that can help search engines understand their site better. When it comes to technical elements that Google gives great credence to, especially SEO, Accessibility, and Web Development Best Practices, the vast majority of tracked brands are scoring at or below average.

Getting ahead with technical SEO can be difficult. Marketers may not have immediate control over their website and outlining technical SEO priorities for peers in IT can be an arduous task. While not an exhaustive list of technical considerations, this ten-step checklist can help marketing leaders partner with their IT teams to get started on improving brand organic search performance.