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Beauty Borrows From Retail

By: Evan Bakker | Mar 01, 2019

Retailers often use social media to direct their digitally-native audiences to stores, which makes sense considering how frequently the retail relationship begins online.

Monthly Google search volume for “Store Near Me” has skyrocketed 1,553% over the past four years, and brands prefer posting about their stores on social media, with stores making appearances in 86% of omnichannel-related Facebook posts and 90% on Instagram. This reflects social media’s ability to enliven stores and generate store traffic among a younger audience. On the whole, brands devoted 7.8% of Facebook posts to omnichannel, versus 6.8% on Instagram, according to Gartner L2’s latest Omnichannel report.

Although the big box sector invested most heavily in omnichannel posts on social media, beauty nearly matched it by referring to the topic in 11% of posts. This illustrates social media’s value in helping to visualize the store experience, making it an essential lever for all retailers seeking increased traffic.

NYX exemplifies the beauty sector’s efforts to build store awareness. Beauty brands with brick-and-mortar footprints recognize the importance of driving customers in store to encourage product testing and induce loyalty. One out of every ten beauty social media posts between October 2017 and October 2018 mentioned a store — the highest out of every sector, including big box.


The cosmetics brand tells its audience to visit the nearest NYX store to grab one of its new Glitter Goals Liquid Lipsticks, and in another case, does so with a limited-edition shade. NYX more explicitly attempts to direct shoppers to its locations using store-only deals. One such post promotes a free holographic case with a $60 exclusively in-store purchase for a week-long period in December 2017, which received over 170,000 views. Finally, in exchange for free products, the brand encourages shoppers to book a one-on-one makeup lesson. The brand tries to spur network effects by prompting users to tag friends, leading many people to engage in the comments section.

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