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Beauty Brands Bloom Beyond TikTok

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 18, 2020

Short-form video app Triller opens its platform to beauty brands with a little help from Snapchat. The two social media platforms have teamed up to work with NYX Professional Makeup, months after the beauty brand made its debut on TikTok

Triller is already popular for its pop culture entertainment, but its new AR campaign with NYX could help it take its social shopping features to the next level. The #NYXCosmeticsDrop21 campaign runs on both Snapchat and Triller and utilizes the lens and AR capabilities from the former. The campaign promotes the cosmetic company’s spring 2021 beauty drop and includes a makeup try on lens, a live streamed concert, and a virtual room users can purchase products from. NYX is the first brand to embark on a Triller-Snapchat hybrid partnership following a collaborative deal the two social media sites made earlier this year. By bringing its beauty products to both platforms, NYX could increase its engagement opportunities and stand apart from competitors who are focused on Instagram or just getting started on TikTok. The partnership could also help Snapchat sustain relevance, as its lack of viral beauty campaigns left it at risk of falling behind newer platforms. However, teaming up with NYX and youth-appealing Triller could help boost its presence in the industry. 

Consumer interest in virtual shopping experiences has grown during the Coronavirus pandemic according to a Gartner report, which led many beauty brands to invest in AR experiences and virtual technology to stay relevant. For example, Charlotte Tilbury and L’Oréal each launched virtual showrooms to engage at-home holiday beauty shoppers, supplying try-on capabilities and alluring settings to keep consumers invested. Though the pandemic accelerated the virtual beauty buying experience, the demand from consumers could lead to digital entertainment playing a pivotal role in the future of the beauty industry. As NYX is the first brand to jointly promote on Snapchat and Triller, its first campaign could be more about raising awareness than sales. However, setting the stage now for beauty initiatives could help NYX grow a loyal audience and become an industry leader on both platforms, similarly to E.l.f. Cosmetic’s strategy on TikTok. 

Social commerce and AR capabilities have taken the lead in digital trends during the Coronavirus, and beauty brands have taken note. NYX’s new campaign could help it stand out from other beauty brands betting on TikTok alone, and conversely, help Triller get the glow up it needs to spar with the best of social media platforms.