Daily Insights

Beer Craft

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 02, 2020

Heineken gets in the holiday spirit by transforming its beer cans and bottles into artful presents. The beverage brand’s holiday campaign encourages consumers to get creative with their gift-giving by spending less time shopping and more time crafting.  

Heineken’s Holiday Hacks campaign includes several imaginative videos and images to help consumers turn their empty beer bottles, cans, and packaging into one-of-a-kind gifts like vases and ornaments. Heineken enlisted other brands from its portfolio, including Dos Equis and Tecate, to serve up sustainable ideas too, making this campaign the first time all three brands have come together under one initiative. The video series was made by entertainment brand Tastemade, which analyzed Pinterest design trends and holiday gift predictions to craft relevant concepts. Tailoring the campaign to current consumer trends could further Heineken’s relevancy with younger consumers and help widen its overall campaign reach, according to a Gartner report. Consumers can watch the videos via Vimeo, with the brand releasing new ideas throughout the month of December. 

The growing consumer demand for crafting and homemade gifts can be attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has left more people at home pursuing new hobbies while trying to save money during the crisis. This rise in interests helped Pinterest see a 58% growth in revenue and site usage while online searches for homemade Christmas gifts jumped 77% beginning in April. By tapping into notably engaging trends, Heineken could appeal to a new audience and stay top of mind with beverage-buying consumers at home and in-store. The Holiday Hacks campaign could also help Heineken boost its image as a sustainable brand, as more consumers could feel inclined to reuse and recycle in the name of art. Heineken is not the only brand shifting away from traditional holiday campaigns, as fellow beverage brands including Corona and Pepsi have embraced avant-garde products and promotions to keep their drinks top of mind with homebound shoppers during the winter season. 

Atypical gifts to close out an atypical year could be the holiday shopping solution consumers have been waiting for. By giving its cans and bottles a second life, Heineken could sustain relevance with consumers long after the holiday season and extend itself from a drink to a decor brand.