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Beer for Breakfast?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 10, 2020

Waffle House transforms one of its most popular breakfast foods into a sippable spirit. 

Known for its coffee and waffles, the restaurant chain moves in a different, alcohol-infused direction with the launch of “Bacon & Kegs”, its first beer line. The beer, brewed with bacon extract to give the taste and smell of the breakfast staple, is a red ale crafted by the Oconee Brewing Company. Waffle House hopes to appeal to breakfast devotees with the beer’s flavor, though the can’s design could also entice loyal fans. The cans feature Waffle House-inspired imagery, including the classic yellow restaurant signs and drawings of the restaurant’s traditional brick and mortar structure. Bacon & Kegs will be available beginning December 18, though Waffle House will not be selling it at liquor stores nationally. Rather, the Oconee Brewing Company will be in charge of distribution, which includes selling the cans at breweries as well as locally for consumers in Georgia, Waffle House’s home state. 

With the launch of its first beer line, Waffle House could appeal to older consumers who could now support the restaurant outside of its brick and mortar locations. While Waffle House’s devoted fan base could help boost beer sales, the push also provides an alternative opportunity for the brand to reach consumers unfamiliar with it, such as those who do not live in the southern United States. Waffle House could most easily reach consumers around the U.S. by promoting the beer via social media. By turning to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in particular, Waffle House could serve up promotions for Bacon & Kegs that could lead to increased followings and audience engagement, according to a Gartner report. However, as the beer has not been released yet, Waffle House is currently holding off on social promotions. As such, the brand could use this in-between time to rely on word of mouth to build buzz around the beer, which could lead to increased sales once it hits the market. 

As the Coronavirus pandemic shifts how brands reach consumers, Waffle House’s beer could prove a unique way to connect with diners outside of its restaurants. With Bacon & Kegs, Waffle House takes advantage of an exclusive opportunity to taste-test a new product while staying true to its breakfast roots.