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Beer Meets Donut

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 27, 2020

Donuts and coffee may be a classic combination, but Dunkin’s new drink could start an equally fresh and tasty tradition. 

Dunkin’ partnered with Boston beer brand Harpoon Brewery to concoct a new line of beverages made from actual donuts. While the two brands have worked together in the past, the new collaboration focuses less on Dunkin’s coffee and more on its donuts. Harpoon released three new beers inspired by fan-favorite donuts, each containing ingredients found in the actual treats. For example, cacao nibs, raspberry puree, pumpkin pie spice, and donut dough can be found in the new Boston Kreme beer, Jelly Donut beer, and Pumpkin beer. For customers that cannot choose just one donut beer to try, Harpoon is selling sampler cases that let them taste-test each type. Customers can pick up cans of the new beer beginning in September, which will be available at any grocery and liquor store that currently sells Harpoon products. 

Dunkin’ promoted the new beer blends on Twitter, letting users know that “two of Boston’s best” were coming together. Harpoon also served up social media promotions by taking to Twitter and Instagram where fans could guess in the post’s comments what the donut-filled flavors might be. Brewing up anticipation for the limited-edition beers on social media could help Dunkin’ fans feel like a part of the new collaboration, which in turn could make them more eager to purchase a pack, according to a Gartner report. By working with Harpoon, Dunkin’ could also tap into a loyal consumer base of beer enthusiasts, potentially converting casual consumers into devoted donut fans. As the beer line will be sold by Harpoon, and not Dunkin, the partnership could allow the restaurant brand to extend its reach outside of its stores to connect with alcohol consumers across the country. The beer blends are Dunkin’s latest foray outside its classic restaurants, having also recently released a cereal line and a road-trip sweepstakes.

Dunkin’s new partnership is jam-packed with fan-favorite flavors. By venturing into the world of beer, Dunkin’ could further craft its image as an all-around food and beverage brand, helping it diverge from the “breakfast-only” image it maintained for so long.