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Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 15, 2021

A new ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s goes to the dogs—literally. The frozen food brand unveiled a line of “Doggie Desserts” that lets consumers enjoy a sweet treat with their furry friends. 

The dessert collection includes two flavors, both made with a sunflower butter base and dog-safe extras. Dogs can choose from “Pontch’s Mix”, which includes peanut butter and pretzel swirls, or “Rosie’s Batch”, which features pumpkin and mini dog treat pieces. The Doggie Desserts were named after two “office dogs” at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters, who also taste-tested the products before they were sent to market. The dog-friendly foods are available in the frozen food aisle at grocery stores across the U.S., with shoppers able to purchase individual cups for $1.29 or multipacks at $4.49. Placing the Doggie Desserts near the traditional ice cream section at a grocery store could help Ben & Jerry’s reach dog owners as they shop for themselves, keeping the Doggie Desserts top of mind and adding sales to its standard ice cream revenue. 

American spending on pets increased to $99 billion in 2020 as more people adopted dogs during the Coronavirus pandemic and dished out more money while working from home with their companions. As such, Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts could appeal to a wide audience of pet-loving consumers looking to spoil their dogs in a new way. Though dog-safe ice cream is not a new concept, Ben & Jerry’s reputation as a frozen treat titan could help it succeed, as more consumers could buy into a brand known for its ice cream according to a Gartner report. Additionally, the brand’s promotions on Instagram and Twitter could help it engage a greater number of dog devotees interested in testing out the desserts. The lineup of Doggie Desserts also allows Ben & Jerry’s to once again expand its product portfolio. While the brand is known for its unique ice cream mashups, it also served up new initiatives like a podcast on racism and dairy-free desserts as consumer demand for both social justice and healthy foods increased recently. 

With its Doggie Desserts, Ben & Jerry’s can appeal to a new following of four-legged ice cream enthusiasts. The special-edition desserts could help the food brand expand its offerings and solidify its stance as a brand with more than one kind of sweet treat up its sleeve.