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Best in Showcase

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 25, 2019

First impressions are often last impressions, even in the digital world. For many brands, the first impression presents itself in the form of showcase shopping ads, which provide them with the opportunity to promote brands of their choice to consumers as one of the first things seen upon entering a website. Here’s how retailers and brands alike can benefit from the method to infiltrate the booming athletic shoe business.

Of the companies kicking off their sites with showcase ads, Kohl’s uses a price-conscious appeal. The brand receives an inventory of accessibly priced products from premium brands Nike, adidas and Under Armour to appeal to its price-conscious customers. Products from these three appeared most in Kohl’s Showcase Shopping ads, positively impacting brand sales on Kohl’s to varying degrees. Nike in particular benefits from its relationship with Kohl’s. In addition to accounting for 48% of the products in analyzed showcase shopping ads from Kohl’s, Nike was also the only brand promoted above the fold on category pages for women’s athletic shoes, according to Gartner L2’s insight report on the topic.

Within Kohl’s athletic shoes assortment online, Nike has the largest share of the best-selling products on category pages for men’s and women’s athletic shoes, solidifying its position as the most popular athletic shoe brand on Kohl’s. Meanwhile, Under Armour has struggled with discounting at Kohl’s and has also seen low investment in showcase shopping ads from the retailer, accounting for only 11% of products featured. These variations in visibility show that retailers and brands must work together to ensure brands can preserve their equity and sell at scale online.

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