Daily Insights

Beyond the Basics

By: Kyle Rees | Sep 18, 2019

Product landing pages from leader John Deere show digital elements working in concert with one another, according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. The brand offers an embedded configuration tool directly on its product pages, as well as the ability to find a dealer or—following a more conventional approach—by downloading a product brochure.

Another highly compelling feature is the option to compare products against competitors. While this raises the risk of product commoditization, it also works to John Deere’s advantage. Providing this kind of tool decreases the likelihood that a user leaves the site just to find comparison data and never returns.

Deere further positions itself as a brand committed to helping buyers make the right choice by offering users the option to download data for use in common tools like Microsoft Excel, which facilitates dialogue between individual stakeholders within an organization.

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