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Bobbi Brown Bets On Localization

By: Varvara Blazhko | Apr 30, 2020

To localize or not to localize social media is often the million-dollar question for marketing leaders in the beauty industry. Sixty-five percent of brands in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty France 2020 opt for a global Instagram handle to maximize reach, optimize resources and provide a single brand voice, for fragrance brands this figure increases to 94%. On the other hand, a few color cosmetics and multi-axis brands offer a local Instagram handle with the hope of resonating better with local audiences and driving higher engagement. However, local content doesn’t always win on engagement.  

One brand that managed to outpace global brands in engagement is Bobbi Brown’s handle in France. The brand opted for a cost-effective content solution of using its global creatives, with 63% of posts in Q1 2020 being localized through captions. The brand garnered high engagement by leveraging giveaways and contests, a tactic often used by European brands and retailers to drive interactions. The top five posts by engagement rate on Bobbi Brown’s handle were giveaways contests that had an average engagement of 24%.

In addition to promoting giveaways, Bobbi Brown also tapped into regramming local influencer posts to fuel local content generation, with over 90% of its fully local content being user-generated. The brand also partnered with local influencers for scalable content production. Finally, Bobbi Brown France uses its local handle to drive omnichannel initiatives, leveraging Instagram Story Highlights to lead to boutiques and events.

By leveraging giveaways, partnering with influencers and make-up artists, and repurposing local UGC, Bobbi Brown achieves the balance between cost optimization and curating local content that delivers engagement.