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Boost Results of Your B2B Marketing Partnerships

By: Noah Elkin | Feb 03, 2020

Imagine your B2B brand runs a partner marketing campaign, but the partner never follows up on the generated leads. Or a joint marketing campaign you plan never runs because the partner’s marketing calendar never aligns with yours. These common challenges can stymie partner marketing relationshipsbut they don’t have to. Some advanced planning, budgeting, and communication can better align B2B brands with their marketing partners for stronger results. 

Use the Gartner Partner Marketing Framework to develop higher-performing channel marketing partnerships. The framework elements move from bottom to top, inviting marketing to emphasize:

Strategy for the partner marketing program, and how it aligns with the overall brand marketing strategy.

Funding and talent resources dedicated to driving and administering partner marketing relationships.

Campaign modes, or the balance of approaches to partner marketing. “To” campaigns provide information about a brand’s product and service for partners to use internally. “Through” campaigns run through the partner’s channels; the brand often finances these campaigns and provides content for them. “With” campaigns are joint efforts run by both the brand and the partner to increase scale and reach.

Campaign content includes campaign content the partner will use and sales enablement content like training modules and demonstration scripts. 

Communication channels used to distribute content and measure campaign performance. Partner relationship management and marketing automation platforms help track performance.

Execution of campaigns from start to finish, from partner recruiting to running the campaign to campaign-related sales activities.

Post-campaign activities for “through” and “with” campaign modes, including lead follow-up, lead qualification and lead nurturing. Each brand decides with their partners when in the sales cycle to pass on leads, if at all.

Tracking and performance management to assess how the partner marketing relationship performs, how it can improve and whether it services the needs of the brand.

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