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Brands Dip Into Men’s Makeup Trend

By: Li Lu | Feb 13, 2019

A growing number of men are looking for beauty assistance. Last year, Google searches for male-modified beauty terms increased by 18% in skincare,  17% in color cosmetics, and 13% in fragrance, according to Gartner L2’s recent report on the men’s beauty industry.

While skincare searches outpace those for color cosmetics on Google, the opposite is true on YouTube. Over the past year, YouTube search volume for “makeup for men” has been consistently higher than comparable searches for “skincare for men”.  Given the number of hyper-scaled male beauty vloggers, such as Manny MUA, that built their empires on the platform, this isn’t too surprising.

What’s new, though, is that beauty brands have started to capitalize on the trend, creating content specifically for the male consumer.

Fenty Beauty, for example, posted a tutorial about the basics of complexion products for men, tagging the video with both branded and unbranded tags including “pro filter foundation” and “men makeup tutorial.” The video generated over 700,000 views and appears as the only owned video on the first page of YouTube search results for “mens makeup tutorial.” After the video release, Fenty created a separate product page on its brand site that allows consumers to add all products from the video to their cart at once.


Similarly, Charlotte Tilbury published a blog post about male makeup routines on its brand site. The post linked to a men-specific category page that featured existing foundation, concealer, and eyeliner products. To align with the male makeup content, the brand shared videos on YouTube and also featured them on the site’s video page. Thanks to these coordinated media efforts, the search query “makeup for men” drove a high amount of unbranded organic search traffic to the Charlotte Tilbury site.

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