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Brands Play a New Marketing Game

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 16, 2020

UberEats extends its year of partnerships through a new, digital collaboration with Twitch. The gaming platform is home to several popular influencers who became the face of UberEats newest campaign, “Never Stop Gaming”. 

The gaming campaign includes a limited-edition menu from Wendy’s, which published the meal deals exclusively on UberEats. The Wendy’s Never Stop Gaming Menu included meals favored by five popular Twitch influencers, such as itsHafu and TFUE. Many of the meals include fan-favorite items, like Wendy’s 10 piece chicken nuggets or the classic Baconator, but can be ordered by using the name of the gamer whose meal it is. UberEats also created animated imagery of the meals that shows the gamers as digital characters next to their digitized Wendy’s order, to further promote the collaboration. Any consumer who orders one of the specialty meals receives an Uber Eats Prize Pass which can be redeemed for “Never Stop Gaming” merchandise such as hoodies, shoes, or a PS5 gaming console. UberEats users can also redeem their prize pass for an UberEats gift card to be used for any future restaurant purchase. 

In addition to promoting the Never Stop Gaming campaign on the UberEats app and on Twitch, the gaming influencers and Wendy’s took to social media to boost awareness towards the limited-time deal. Many of the gamers have large followings outside of Twitch, including TFUE, who boasts four million followers on Twitter. Driving the influencer’s large audiences towards Wendy’s and UberEats could help both brands see an increase in sales and app downloads, according to a Gartner report on the topic. The promotion could also help the companies align themselves with younger consumers and current trends, including gaming and social media. With gaming poised to reach $196 billion in revenue by 2022, targeting gaming consumers could help UberEats and Wendy’s score a loyal customer base and develop a revenue stream beyond traditional marketing strategies. As Twitch is the largest live game streaming platform, kicking off its collaboration there could help the food and delivery companies set the stage for future partnerships. 

UberEats invites gamers to play a new type of sport that includes Wendy’s food and exclusive merchandise. As both food campaigns and brand products have risen in popularity this year, working with Twitch could help both brands carve out name for themselves in a new entertainment industry. 

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