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Brewed to Bolt

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 05, 2021

Any consumers slowly adjusting to the new year can go to Dunkin’ for an extra jolt of energy as the restaurant brand introduces a new twist to its classic coffee that includes 20% more caffeine. 

After adding caffeine to its cereal line last year, Dunkin’ returns to its traditional caffeinated roots with “Extra Charge”, its latest innovation that injects an added dose of energy to any iced or hot coffee beverage. The energy-efficient addition is thanks to green coffee extract, which the brand produced in place of espresso shots, which are traditionally used for caffeine boosts. Consumers can visit Dunkin’ stores across the country and order Extra Charged Coffee to taste-test the new caffeinated commodity. The brand promises the beverage will help consumers “take charge of 2021” and give them the necessary energy boost to power through their day. To help entice consumers, Dunkin’ is offering any medium iced or hot Extra Charged Coffee beverage for $2 until January 26. The promotion could help drive loyal consumers to its stores as well as bring awareness to its energy-inclined initiative, according to a Gartner report

Kicking off the new year with a new coffee addition could help Dunkin’ connect with working consumers as they return to their regular schedules after the holidays. As consumers report feeling their most tired at the start of the new year, Dunkin’s Extra Charge Coffee could perk up a wide array of brew buyers. The exhaustive toll of the ongoing pandemic could also help Dunkin’s newest addition prove successful, as consumers look for original energy outlets, including through food and beverages. To reach sleepy sippers at home, Dunkin’ announced the arrival of Extra Charge Coffee on Instagram and Twitter, alongside its $2 promotion to further retain consumer interest. The social media promotions could help drive consumers to its stores as well as jolt digital engagement with those spending more time online during the pandemic. As its Extra Charge Coffee could appeal to consumer needs at the start of the new year, Dunkin’s social promotions could also help keep it top of mind with consumers online and in-person. 

As the new year brings about new consumer preferences and dining habits, Dunkin’s latest drink could captivate caffeine-loving consumers and help them “run on Dunkin’” just a little bit faster.