Daily Insights

Brewing a Natural Vibe

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Apr 22, 2019

There’s nothing more annoying than ads—or is there? Michelob Ultra drew attention to an issue of even greater importance—the neglect of the planet—by replacing pesky online pop-ups with images of nature in celebration of Earth Day. In addition to nudging browsers in the right direction when it comes to the world we live in, here’s how the move could also help the brand.

Whether it be the health of humans or the health of the planet, consumers increasingly expect brands to stand for something other than their products. In fact, going green has become so popular it’s now considered a bona fide trend. In this regard, it makes sense that Michelob would choose the salvaging of our planet as a more sustainable way to stick around in the eyes of its audience. Its latest initiative calls out the fact that consumers see around 5,000 ads per day and swaps out the often silly ad for something more serene—a photo of crashing waves, green mountains, and more. When users click the nature photo, they’re then redirected to a site for a nearby park in an effort to make it easier for them to get outside and appreciate the world’s precious resources.

It’s not the first time the brand has bet on the bigger picture. The campaign comes fresh after Michelob’s equally conscious “Return to Nature” ad that aired during the Oscars and its mass sunset meditation during SXSW, a nod to mental health. Michelob Ultra has also made a point to target millennials, who are typically more health-oriented, by prioritizing mobile ad spend over desktop, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages & Beer.

Considering Michelob Ultra’s move up through Gartner L2’s digital rankings, targeting the greater, and often natural, good seems to be working so far. Because the brand is a light, low-carb beer, its digital mission also matches up nicely with its physical products. For brands looking for a boost in the beverage spotlight, going natural might be the first step.