Daily Insights

Bring Products to Life

By: Karen Lee | Aug 15, 2019

To help bridge the divide between browsing and purchasing, brands are enriching their product pages with video content. Over half of analyzed brands provide videos on their product pages, led by sectors such as consumer electronics, beauty and hair care, and auto. Of these, 27% place their videos above the fold and 78% below the fold.

Brands utilize this precious real estate differently depending on their industry. 21% of these PDP videos, for example, are tutorials according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. Unsurprisingly, beauty brands lead at 76% adoption, followed by activewear’s 43%. Glossier, for example, invests in product application tutorial videos for each shade of its Perfecting Skin Tint. Each video is placed next to the shade selection bar, integrated to play directly without opening a new page.

While almost half of analyzed product page videos incorporate a 360-degree immersive view, apparel brands especially focus on recreating an in-store experience by giving users a comprehensive look at the products. In two cases, Everlane provides several short videos that detail products from different angles and Lane Bryant provides a 360-degree on-model view. Outdoor Voices goes a step further by providing closed-captioned, vertically-formatted videos of models describing the fit and feel of the brand’s products