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Bud Light Embraces a Bubbling Trend

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 14, 2020

Bud Light is bidding adieu to the fan-favorite “Dilly Dilly” campaign. 

The Renaissance-era campaign began two years ago and helped bring new attention to the brand, particularly through its Super Bowl commercials. However, Bud Light is now turning its attention to a new seltzer, and with the new product comes a new advertising campaign. Bud Light Seltzer hits shelves this month and will come in four flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Lemon-Lime, and Black Cherry—none of which contain any beer. Seltzer has taken over social media for being a healthier alcohol alternative to light beer, according to a Gartner report, with Bud Light Seltzer being a direct response to the rising trend. 

The company has already released its first ad promoting the product under the tagline “If you love Bud Light, you’ll love Bud Light Seltzer. If you don’t love Bud Light, you’ll love Bud Light Seltzer.” The new campaign is set in the town of Seltzer, Pennsylvania where various townspeople endorse Bud Light Seltzer and encourage fans to call the local hotline, 833-BL-SELTZ. 

Bud Light will also have an ad running during the Super Bowl on February 2nd—its first ad since 2017 to not feature the medieval realm and the beloved Bud Knight. Bud Light Seltzer and the original Bud Light will share a sixty-second spot during this year’s game, in addition to three other Budweiser brand commercials airing during the Super Bowl. The company typically fares well with Super Bowl ads and hopes this year’s ad will bring “new drinkers into the Bud Light franchise.” 

Bud Light is making a leap into the brewing hard seltzer sector. The brand’s introduction of a new product and campaign may inspire other beverage companies looking to introduce an unfamiliar product while still maintaining brand loyalty.