Daily Insights

Budget Burgers

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 22, 2020

Food and labor costs continue to climb as consumers spend less on restaurants during the Coronavirus pandemic. In order to adapt to this rapidly changing market, Burger King serves up a budget-friendly menu. 

Burger King’s “$1 Your Way Menu” includes classic items like bacon cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and soft drinks available to purchase for $1 each. The value menu launches at Burger King restaurants around the world beginning December 28 and will be available into 2021. As the restaurant brand suffered a 7% loss in sales during the pandemic, the low-priced menu could help it sustain or even regain sales into the new year. The cost-effective cravings could also drive more consumers to its stores as the appeal of food discounts increases. The timing of the menu launch during the holiday season could also help Burger King connect with a wider audience, as 52% of Americans plan to lower their seasonal budgets, and as a result, turn to cheaper alternatives. As such, the $1 Your Way Menu could inspire repeat restaurant visits from consumers and help Burger King stay top of mind well into the new year. 

To promote the affordable menu option, Burger King launched a digital sweepstakes that awarded random consumers with free money to spend at its restaurants. Through the end of December, Burger King will deposit $1 into fan’s Venmo accounts to raise awareness for its new menu. The restaurant brand is promoting the money giveaway on Twitter,  where fans are invited to interact with the brand for a chance to win the free money. Burger King is also teasing the meal options on Instagram, where fans can guess which items will be included on the menu. As January is typically a time when consumer spending decreases, marketing the menu virtually could help Burger King attract a new customer base according to a Gartner report, including younger, budget-conscious consumers who may tap into its social media promotions. Additionally, turning to social media could help Burger King connect with more consumers, particularly as mobile usage surges during the pandemic. 

By rolling out a menu full of previously established items, Burger King could save on expensive marketing promotions and instead rely on boosting engagement with new and loyal consumers. The $1 Your Way Menu also allows the brand to bring its fan-favorite food items to a traditionally overlooked consumer base, i.e. those looking to cut back on spending while still treating themselves.