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Burberry’s Bounce Back

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 24, 2019

The best may be yet to come for Burberry, which announced it would be putting social platforms at the center of its strategy going forward, having already gained one million Instagram and WeChat followers so far since its last quarter. But with social media already at a point of saturation, will Burberry’s tardy trend-tapping be too little, too late?

The former Genius brand has been slipping socially, particularly on mobile, where its app caused it considerable damage in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion Global. Still, Burberry remains a leader in display advertising and manages to succeed where other brands have not. For example, while many luxury brands still need to catch up to other industries’ loyalty program strategies, Burberry soars in this aspect, making sure to always invite loyal customers to special in-store events.

Additionally, the brand feeds off familiarity, prompting users to “pick up where you left off,” on its site, displaying previous cart or browsing contents and offering new, complementary recommendations. Another way Burberry beams in a sea of brands is its Wear This With feature on product pages, which elevates cross-selling to styling inspiration, and strings in lookbook content directly into the purchase path, complete with add-to-bag buttons.

Burberry has fallen behind the rate of innovation of its competitors, but a push into social media could allow it to define itself as a brand in an exciting and eye-catching way. Just as the brand used features on its website to help transform browsers into buyers, Burberry should use social media to do the same and continue to bounce back.

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