Daily Insights

Busch’s Beer Blizzard

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 28, 2020

Through March 21st Busch is offering beer rebates to customers in seven different cities where discounts will be based on the amount of snowfall. For each inch of snow that falls, $1 will be deducted, with discounts tracked on interactive billboards placed in each city. The seven chosen cities are Buffalo, Des Moines, Fargo, Grand Rapids, Green Bay, Minneapolis, and Omaha. A special site has been installed so customers can keep track of both weather and winnings (though rebate for fans is capped at $30). 

In cities that typically face brutal winters, Busch’s weather-driven promotion might just be a breath of fresh air. In addition to poor weather, January is also not a particularly popular time for beer consumption, especially with the growing trend of “Dry January”. A Gartner report on this topic found that the seasonal nature of alcoholic drinks, including beer, affects social media engagement trends—meaning brands must work harder in off-seasons to maintain consumer engagement and consumption. By linking its new promotion to the winter weather, Busch could help bolster future purchases and grow its online following. 

As competition strengthens in the spirits industry, creating a campaign in the “off-season” may help Busch brew up business year-round.