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Camp Walmart

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 28, 2020

To help kids navigate their boredom during this year’s untraditional summer vacation, Walmart has created a pandemic-proof solution. 

The mega store is helping parents and children this summer by arranging an online summer camp full of pre-planned activities and virtual experiences. Camp by Walmart can be attended through the brand’s app and began on July 8. Through the camp, kids can partake in arts and crafts, singing lessons, and fitness classes among other activities, all hosted by experts in each respective field. The head counselor of Walmart’s summer camp is actor Neil Patrick Harris, who will be joined by other celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Lebron James, and Idina Menzel to teach virtual classes. The camp will last for the whole summer, with the retail giant rolling out over 200 activities during its corresponding campaign. 

Balancing parenting and working from home has been tough for many parents during the Coronavirus pandemic, with struggles potentially increasing now that kids are out of school for the summer. By creating an array of classic summer camp activities from home, Walmart could serve as an alternative entertainment outlet for children during the pandemic. As many of the brand’s camp activities also contain educational elements, the camp could appeal to parents looking for at-home learning opportunities for their children as well. By hosting the virtual camp on the Walmart app, the company could boost downloads and increase its e-commerce presence. Additionally, with many Americans remaining wary of in-store shopping, using the Walmart app for summer camp could encourage families to stay on the app and place shopping orders. The Walmart app is not only one of the most downloaded among big box brands, according to a Gartner report, but also features Next Day Delivery, which parents could utilize when ordering supplies for camp activities. 

Walmart’s camp activities could provide a sense of normalcy to kids missing out on a traditional summer camp experience. By creating a completely virtual and free camp, the retailer could reach children across the country looking for entertainment, and build loyalty with the parents grateful to have accessible and innovative activities to distract them while at home.