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Care to Comment? How Brands Can Use Social Media to Positively Engage Customers

By: Consumer Insights Research Team | Nov 14, 2019

It’s not just “likes” that keep people engaged. The majority of social media users rate the posts they share, and the comments they make among the top ways they represent themselves online. The popularity of chat-based platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Kik are proof that comments and one-to-one online conversations are more important than ever on social media.

But concerns about cyberbullying and harassment are causing platforms to rethink their approach to comments: YouTube, for instance, now limits comments on channels with videos featuring minors, and Instagram tries to censor or remove comments that insult or harass users.

Brand marketers can’t control social media platform policy related to comments. You can, however, participate in creating a positive social media community by encouraging comments and conversations in the right way.

One first step is to develop a policy of responding to social media comments about your brand or products. A minority of brands do so, yet comments can provide a loyalty lift, especially from Millennials, 72% of whom say they are more loyal to brands that respond directly to social media feedback.

More sophisticated social marketers take the next step of commenting on posts from others to encourage conversations and drive engagement. In addition to creating comment-worthy content for your own channels, social marketers also comment on posts from aligned brands or media outlets. For example, when HuffPost posted a story on its Instagram account about Virgin Atlantic’s decision to no longer require cabin crew members to wear makeup, Verizon Media left a comment applauding the decision. Comments like this serve to expand a brand’s organic engagement and contribute to positive and encouraging online discourse.