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Cereal With a Story

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 28, 2020

Cheerios will sponsor the original children-focused news show, NowThis Kids, that centers on uplifting stories and community outreach initiatives. 

NowThis Kids stems from NowThis, the millennial-targeted news series that reaches a monthly audience of 120 million viewers. As 64% of viewers currently have children aged 6-11, the brand is expanding to reach a younger audience through its new NowThis Kids program. The show debuted this month and will air original episodes three times a week on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about how young people can help their communities, including inspiring stories of kids who lend a hand to those in need and recommendations for family-friendly content parents can watch with their kids on the weekends. As the show’s sponsor, Cheerios is serving up its own segment, “Good Goes Round”, which highlights ways parents can get their children involved in community outreach. 

Through NowThis Kids, Cheerios could engage with an audience of multi-generational viewers and boost its image as a family-friendly and wellness-focused brand according to a Gartner report. By sponsoring pleasant and practical content, the cereal brand could also cultivate positive consumer sentiment, which is much needed during the bleak and ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Millenials and Gen-Z’s preference for digital media over broadcast television primes Cheerios to interact with a new wave of consumers on a channel they prefer, which may make it easier for the breakfast brand to relate to a broader, tech-savvy audience. The sponsorship could further help Cheerios maintain its elevated sales demand during the pandemic, while also developing a fresh relationship with consumers outside of the grocery store. 

Increased video consumption and cereal sales make Cheerios’ sponsorship of NowThis Kids an excellent opportunity for it to bolster familiarity with a large and engaged audience. With new trends like cereal pancakes taking over TikTok, Cheerios could use this time to further boost its online image. As one of the most trusted and beloved brands in America, Cheerios’ permanent presence on the digital show could help NowThis Kids bring a splash of cheerfulness to families around the country.