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CES Microsites Had a Macro-Impact

By: Megan McVay | Feb 15, 2019

The annual Consumer Electronics Show has become mandatory for brands. About four in five brands tracked by Gartner L2 showed up at CES in some form, and 58% of them were official exhibitors, according to Gartner L2’s Consumer Electronics: CES 2019 report.

However, while 82% of brands with a CES footprint included event coverage somewhere on their sites, just 30% created dedicated microsites under the primary domain architecture, missing out on a key opportunity.

News coverage and press releases were the most prevalent elements on these sites, but most brands also went further by linking to product pages. Philips Hue exhibited best practices as the only brand whose CES microsite allowed users to add products directly to the cart with one click.

Over half of the brands included videos of their panels and conference sessions, seeking to extend the shelf life of their investment in industry expert speakers and influencers. “Nikon Live CES,” Nikon’s CES microsite, functioned as a central hub for visitors to rewatch Nikon’s events.

Samsung, a top performer in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Consumer Electronics, created two CES companion microsites: one focusing on news and event coverage and the other targeting consumers looking to learn more about new products. These microsites incorporated photos and videos from the event and provided information on newly-announced products. Samsung consolidated its social efforts with the hashtag #samsungces2019 and weaved the stream of about 2,500 tagged photos into its microsite landing page.


Overall, Lenovo created one of the most feature-rich microsites. In the primary navigation, Lenovo linked to press releases and outlined the different types of products at the show. Users could quickly find their desired product category and click through to product pages. Lenovo also included videos of its CES events and grouped all user-generated content under its branded CES hashtag #LenovoCES, ensuring that no one would miss out on this rich array of content.

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