Daily Insights

Cheers to Essential Workers

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 28, 2020

In honor of National Apéritif Day on May 21, Italian liquor label Aperol launched a campaign called Together We Toast. Until June 4, fans can cheer for the doctors, nurses, and essential employees working throughout the pandemic. Aperol is asking fans to post a picture of their glass—filled, presumably, with an Aperol Spritz—on Instagram. Cocktail imagery tends to perform well on social media, with Aperol receiving some of the highest engagement rates amongst liquor brands, according to a Gartner report. Thus, focusing on drink imagery could be a smooth move for the brand. Users can post their drink pictures with the hashtag #TogetherWeToast and tag the brand; Aperol will donate $5 per post to Another Round, Another Rally—a nonprofit raising relief money for hospitality workers during the crisis. The brand is donating up to $50,000 for the campaign. 

In addition to thanking essential workers, Aperol’s campaign centers around sharing positive stories from the pandemic experience. While fans can raise a glass on social media, they are also encouraged to “cheers” with family and friends over video chats or phone calls as a way to spark joy during dark times. The Italian brand’s international campaign could reach fans around the world, which in turn could help Aperol build and bolster its community. In addition to donating $50,000 of relief money, Aperol’s parent company Campari America is donating $1 million to Another Round, Another Rally to assist bartenders out of work during the pandemic. 

Aperol’s positivity-producing campaign could influence sales as more people opt to raise a glass this summer in support of those on the frontlines.