Daily Insights

Chef’s Salad

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 28, 2020

Sweetgreen enlisted the help of celebrity chefs to curate themed salads and dietary-friendly meals. 

Sweetgreen’s new Collections campaign features meals designed by notable chefs as well as menu recommendations and seasonal additions not offered in-store. Collections includes themes and specialized categories to help customers find salads tailored exactly to their liking, with menu options updated to fit seasonal ingredients and personal preferences. A poll found that 37% of Sweetgreen customers have dietary restrictions, so the restaurant brand also expanded its dietary-friendly menu to now include dairy-free and protein packed options. The refreshed menu could cater to consumer preferences and boost the digital ordering experience as customers can now browse dozens of Sweetgreen ingredients, while before they could only view specific salads and bowls. 

Sweetgreen app users will be invited to taste-test the freshly-harvested Collections menu as soon as they open the app. Included on the home screen will be the new featured menus, including Sweetgreen’s limited-edition “Eat Like A Chef” selection, where customers can order salads created by famous chefs. Sprucing up its app and menu could help Sweetgreen recapture consumer interest from home and promote its delivery and pick-up capabilities. The introduction of special menu items could encourage loyal customers to place orders more often in a bid to try all of the new salads. Additionally, the specialized menu recommendations could incentive app downloads and repeat visits from new and existing customers as they seek out a personal dining experience, according to a Gartner report on the topic. As the demand for restaurant delivery continues to increase during the Coronavirus pandemic, Sweetgreen’s Collections allows homebound diners to recreate their dining experience from home, even tweaking their meal orders on the app like they could at a brick and mortar location. 

As tastes change with the season, Sweetgreen’s new digital-only menu options could satisfy a variety of ripe consumer cravings and lead to a boost in app downloads.