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Chevrolet Takes Off on TikTok

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 22, 2021

Chevrolet takes off on TikTok with a rebooted music video for the hit song “My Truck” by singer Breland.

The match-up sees Breland, a social media star and country-trap singer/songwriter, sing, dance, and ride along in some of Chevrolet’s newest additions. Chevrolet is one of only a few automotive brands to build a channel on TikTok, and as such, could open up an entirely new audience on the platform. Currently, the brand has garnered almost 143,000 followers and a whopping 71 million plays on its most recent video, a main highlight of the new video.

Much like the country-trap music genre itself, the move marks an interesting point in media history. It reflects a gradual understanding that TikTok isn’t just for Gen-Z. In fact, the platform has even become a place for “granfluencers” to make their mark. Furthermore, unlikely duos have been known to drive up interest in many industries recently, as observed in Gartner’s report on the topic. High-profile partnerships between brands have become common as a way to find new audiences and revitalize brand image, and consumers have responded positively to these exercises. The growing number of collaborations have made it difficult to stand out in an increasingly crowded field. This has led some marketers to pursue out-of-industry partnerships, working with unconventional partners to find consumer eyes. For Chevrolet, test-driving TikTok could be the start of a new adventure and an opportunity to make the most of digital resources.

Still, just tacking an unexpected name next to your brand isn’t enough. To truly rev up your brand image, lean on digital tools to properly and appropriately promote a new collaboration.

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