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Chipotle’s Avocado Apparel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 12, 2020

Chipotle is transitioning from food to fashion with its first sustainable clothing line. Called Chipotle Goods, the unisex collection includes apparel and accessories dyed using upcycled avocado pits from its restaurants. All of the items for sale from Chipotle Goods are made from organic cotton and can be purchased online through Chipotle’s microsite. Pieces range in price from $10-$75 and include shirts and bags that can be customized to display one’s favorite burrito order. As the collection is designed around ingredient reuse and recycling, Chipotle is donating profits to organizations focused on sustainability in both fashion and farming. 

Chipotle added a loyalty promotion for the new collection that gives its 15 million Chipotle Rewards members early access to the clothing line through a special password sent via email. As Chipotle only created a set number of each item, giving loyalty members early access allows the brand to tout a benefit of joining its rewards program that could incentivize non-members to sign up, according to a Gartner report. The restaurant brand also partnered with resale site Depop to produce a specialty “drop” shop where social media influencers would introduce customized items live online. Depop had a limited number of each item and sold them for a marked down price to help further build buzz around Chipotle’s new initiative. In addition to its digital promotions, Chipotle engaged fans on Instagram and Twitter by serving up sneak peaks at some of the new apparel items. For example, Chipotle posted a bite-sized video on Instagram showing off its new customizable burrito-order shirts, and then asked viewers to comment what order they’d put on the shirt, giving it a prime opportunity to interact with fans while promoting the new collection. 

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, Chipotle has been busy rolling out frequent promotions via TikTok, text, and Facebook Messenger to continue connecting with homebound fans. It’s now entering the retail market by launching Chipotle Goods, which could help it virtually reach fans in a new way. As consumers lean towards brands aligned with public good and social justice, Chipotle’s new charitable and sustainable initiative could resonate with consumers across the country and give them the opportunity to wear their loyalty on their sleeve.