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Clear-Cut Critiques

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 07, 2020

In an effort to boost company transparency, Glassdoor will now allow former and current employees to include reviews about their workplace’s diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Glassdoor holds ratings to more than one million companies around the world and is often a source for job applicants looking to learn more about a brand. With employee diversity influencing 76% of job seekers’ opinions of a company, Glassdoor’s new review policies could help brands assess how accurately they are meeting consumer demands for inclusivity, according to a Gartner report on the topic. The implementation of inclusive reviews could also boost brand trustworthiness for consumers and employees alike. For Glassdoor, its diversity factors could help it connect with more job seekers and stand out as a dependable source of information. The new feature follows a 63% spike in diversity and racial inclusion searches on Glassdoor’s site this summer. With employer inclusion at the top of job seeker’s minds, Glassdoor’s features could emphasize to employers how important it is they stick to their diversity pledges. 

Following nationwide protests this summer, brands including Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and Uber, were quick to double down on their diversity stances. With Glassdoor’s new review policies, customers and employees can actually hold brands to their word and ensure diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of business. Brands can further benefit from Glassdoor’s inclusion reviews by observing how their competitors rate in terms of diversity or by noting how brands in other industries are tackling the issues head-on. By offering insights to its 50 million users, Glassdoor could leverage its resources and public image to help both brands and employees. 32% of job seekers note that they would not accept a job at a non-diverse company, so Glassdoor’s review system could help brands highlight their initiatives to potentially attract new talent or customers. The diversity and inclusion feature joins Glassdoor’s five other rating factors, including “culture and value”, “compensation and benefits”, and “career opportunities”, which could help viewers gain a well-rounded image of a brand or company. Since the feature’s launch in September, 4,000 employees have rated their satisfaction with their company’s diversity and inclusion abilities.  

With Glassdoor’s newest rating factor, employees can paint a more accurate picture of their company, which could help build transparency for customers and job seekers. As the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace continues to gain importance with brands and consumers, Glassdoor’s features could spur an increase in site visits and perhaps more noticeably, keep brands accountable.