Daily Insights

Coffee Creamers, Unite

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 10, 2021

Chobani is on a roll as it doles out new product after new product beyond its original Greek yogurt.  Here’s how the company is milking its customer base for fresh product ideas.

Most recently, the New York-based brand introduced a series of coffee creamers that began with basic flavors like vanilla and hazelnut, with plans to add seasonal varieties throughout the year. As such, it’s now turning to its audience to concoct their own flavor creation for its new campaign “I Dream of Creamer” for a chance to win $75,000. Consumers have until January 2022 to enter the coffee creamer flavor of their fantasies before the selected flavor hits store shelves. Not only is the creamer category very versatile, it’s also very social, as people (especially New Yorkers) love to chat baout their coffee customs, proof of which can be seen on TikTok, where #coffeetok currently clocks 54.9 million views.

The new campaign was developed in-house and includes online video, retailer out-of-home (OOH), paid social, email, influencer partnerships and an Amazon box takeover. “I Dream of Creamer” launches with a new video clip designed for social media, blending vibrant tie-dye backdrops and a retro font, a style aspect other brands have been tapping into as well given the booming nostalgia trend. Consumers can get inspiration from the video to imagine their flavor ideas and submit them on a microsite made just for the contest.

Product contests are a stellar way to add liven up consumer interest and engagement that will last long after the winner has been selected. And since traditional methods of getting consumers to search up brand names aren’t as buzzy as they used to according to Gartner’s key findings report, creativity is a necessary ingredient in today’s marketing menu more than ever. In Chobani’s case, the creamer with the most votes will then get tons of exposure on both social media and store shelves. The initiative arrives just after Chobani’s first TikTok campaign and its first Super Bowl appearance. It should also be noted that Chobani’s flavor-matching wheel on its Instagram Stories last fall was one of the most engaged pieces of content the brand has ever curated. That said, it makes sense to invite consumers deeper into the world of Greek yogurt not only to demonstrate the product possibilities, but to glean a few ideas from them too.