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Coke’s Signature Swap

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 03, 2021

Coca-Cola just swapped its signature logo for something even more meaningful. European consumers can now enjoy their favorite fizzy drink alongside uplifting resolutions and messages in the next installment of the brand’s “Open” campaign.

Messages and promises like “I will never take my friends for granted.” and “What better time for us to be brave than now?” scrawled along the side of cans make up Coca-Cola’s bubbly new “Open to Better” campaign element. Drinkers can even design their own can on Coke’s website and buy a limited-edition version with key collaborator, Katy Perry, which includes her personal resolution “I promise to meditate.”, all proceeds of which go to the ONE campaign. The campaign serves as a nod to the difficulties of 2020 as well as a need for hope, encouragement, and inspiration into the new year. Indeed, the corporation recognizes this on its site where it pledges to “begin 2021 with a resolution to better embrace change and a pledge to do things differently.”

Though the campaign seems to center around a relatively small movement, it highlights the importance of personal promises and affirmations in a year where good news were far and few. The initiative also speaks volumes about the importance of strong branding, given that Coca-Cola is able to confidently swap its signature logo for something very different and still know that consumers will recognize it with ease. As the number one brand in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Food & Beverages, Coca-Cola has worked hard to make its presence known both online and offline, allowing its audience to equate its signature logo with a meaning, feeling, or in this case, resolution.

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